If you’re not sure on the differences between traditional and modern rendering, this can be a challenging decision to make if you don’t know the in’s and out’s of the two render mixes. They both bring different features and benefits to the table.

So In today’s article, we are going to take a look at the two types of rendering mixes. We’ll break down the two styles and give you some insights into the two different renders and explain why one might be the better choice over the other.

One is based on the benefits of modern technology while the other is a more tried and tested traditional rendering mix that has been around for many years.

The modern type of rendering mix brings the benefit of crack prevention as well as a low maintenance factor. Not the most environmentally friendly mix as modern acrylic render mixes use silicon/plastic additions to get the feature I’ve described above

On the other hand, if you look at the traditional sand and cement render mix. The one that’s been around for years is a lot cheaper and although has a tendency to crack, can be repaired very easily and quickly. The traditional render mix is pretty handy if you’re wanting to protect a wall by covering the damages brick area. However, If you look at the two mixes in a way that will protect against weather conditions, The modern acrylic render will always win the day.

With regards to painting. If you go with a traditional render mix you’ll need to keep the painting up to date as time goes by. While the modern mix can have colours added to the mix that will take the hassle of painting out of the equation.

In saying this, both render mixes have their good and bad points, depending on what your overall needs for the house your rendering and of course what your budget is. Let’s take a look at the two renders


Traditional render Mix:

  • Sand and cement render: This is the most traditional type of rendering, and it’s usually the cheapest option as well. It simply a mixture of cement mix and sand. It’s applied over the wall and troweled up flat. Once the render mix is dried, it turns into the grey colour.
  • Lime rendering: By adding lime to the rendering mix, it has a lower risk of cracking. The finish offers an attractive finish usually suitable for old properties. It’s Eco-friendly, long lasting and takes longer to apply.
  • Clay rendering: If you’re looking for an Eco-friendly rendering option, the clay render mix maybe what you’re looking for. Being a natural material, clay render is often used for exterior coating. If you’re after an eco-friendly rendering option this might be it. Not your typical rendering mix and of course it’s not for everyone but it’s an option. Something you might find in the country.


Modern render mixes.

  • Acrylic rendering: Acrylic rendering offer a beautiful, clean and fresh finished coat due to the use of acrylic resin in the render mix. The acrylic is a type of plastic that is added to the render during manufacturing. It increases the flexibility of render. And is becoming very popular.
  • Coloured rendering: The term used for coloured rendering is polymer rendering. The modern-day rendering comes with coloured pigment added during the pigmentation process. Doing this cuts out the painting process.
  • Silicon rendering: The silicon rendering create a high degree of water repellency, and the surface come breathable giving walls a nice natural look.
  • Monocouche render: Not the most popular mix. It is a one-coat cement based render mix, it’s weather-resistant as well as breathable. It’s more expensive than the traditional cement rendering but it’s longer lasting with a nicer finish.

As you can see there’s a little more to rendering than just throwing on a few cement coats to your wall and your good to go. We could go a little further and explain all the special effects you can achieve with the different types of render mixes, but I’ll leave that for another time.

As you can see we offer a range of different rendering mixes to suit your homes needs. We offer free on-site quotes and offer very competitive home render packages. So If your looking for professional renderers in adelaide, give us a call to discuss your rendering projects.