Rendering your home gives you the opportunity to completely change the appearance of your home. Just like anything that comes at a cost. And in today’s article, we are going to look at the costs involved in rendering your home. Please keep in mind there are variables so please use this as a guide. For a more accurate rate price, you can get in touch with us and we’ll be able to take a visit and give you a quote on your home rendering project.

Depending on what you’re looking at doing and how involved you want to take this renovation or upgrade. It’s a great opportunity to also upgrade the surrounding elements of your property. I’m referring to guttering, roofing, doors and other panels. But that is a totally different matter altogether, it’s out of the scope of this articles, and is not our area of expertise. Having said that I’m sure you have that covered. The main objective to renovating any home is to maximise the overall visual impact or appearance of your home. And rendering is a great way to do just that.

We are discussing the cost of rendering here, but as you can see it’s way more than that. If you want to make a real impact on your home.

So let’s get down to it. Most of the time the cost of rendering your home usually comes down to cost per square metre. But there are many other factors to look into even before you work out the meterage. These are.

  • What type of rendering mix will you go for?
  • The area in question. The accessibility, this can be a factor.
  • How many coats you will need.
  • There may be other elements that you want to be added to your home
  • The finish you want. Clean or textured finish. This will take more time.

This is just a few things we need to consider when quoting a job. There are always many variables you need to consider when quoting for a rendering job. It’s not as simple as quoting per square metre. A rendering job that may exclude all of these factors would be rendering a retaining wall or fence. This is a pretty simple process and one where you can easily quote per square metre.

When it comes to the types of render mix you want to use. The fact they are all different they also come with different price tags, so depending on what you want will come at a price as well. A traditional cement and sand render or a slicker modern acrylic render with added colour will as you can understand be different prices. Acrylic being the more expensive. And if you ant additives to strengthen the render mix. Again the cost will vary.

As you can now see pricing on square metre is a challenge. To give you an idea. We have rendered a home for as little as $4000. This is on the basic cement render mix and was a small house. On the other hand, we have rendered large homes and unit complexes in the $30 to $50 thousand price points. This was done with the most expensive render mixes and came with some extras. As you can see there are variations to what we do. We are one of the most cost-effective and professional Adelaide rendering companies.

For a more specific render quote. Please get in touch with us and well be happy to give you an on-site detailed quote on your next render project.