When it comes to rendering your home, you have a number of rendering options. One of them is acrylic rendering. If your after a state of the art modern render finish on your exterior acrylic render is the go-to choice for a lot of Adelaide renderers. And it might be the best option for your home. If you’re not sure why acrylic render is a better option over other types of render mixes allow me to explain.

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What is Acrylic Rendering?

Acrylic rendering is a type of render mix that uses acrylic, all this is is a type of plastic. It makes the render mix a lot stronger and allows for more flexibility over a traditional render mix. 

The biggest benefit acrylic render offers as I said is the flexibility. What do I mean? Often when render is applied to a wall, over time the wall can and will have movement. Especially when there are extreme weather conditions, like heat and cold. A traditional render mix will crack with the movements. And this is where the acrylic render mix will not. 

That’s what I mean by flexibility. The render mix will move with the movement over time and will not crack. The render mix will expand and contract as the wall moves, and will not crack at all.

This is why the acrylic render mix is favoured over a traditional render mix. Massive benefits.

Acrylic Rendering Pros And Cons

I’ve already mentioned the biggest advantage of using acrylic render above. So I don’t need to mention it again. Having said that there are other benefits. 


Acrylic is a very attractive render mix. It offers a smooth and silky finish giving it a very stylish look and finish. Something that is a huge benefit for us renderers is the fact it can be applied to a number of substrated. Concrete, painted walls, fibre cement, timber are just a few. A traditional render mix will have a hard time sticking to those surfaces. So in our eyes, that’s a huge benefit.

Acrylic renders also dries pretty fast. For example, a traditional render mix can take up to a few weeks to fully cure. While the acrylic render mix can take as little as a couple of days to fully cure. That’s a massive benefit in itself. To finish, the acrylic render is also water-resistant.

With regards to any cons. Well, to be honest, there’s none. So we can finish it there.

As you can see using acrylic render is a much better option for any exterior home or building. 

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