Whether you are looking to buy an existing house that has rendering on it or your looking to build a house with render or looking to renovate with render, whatever the reason. Knowing how long rendering lasts for is a pretty important question. One that I will answer today.

If you’re looking for a modern finish and look, rendering is the go and is becoming a popular choice for many. And for some, there’s a bit to know about rendering before you make the final decision. So let’s get into it.

What You Need To Know

I’m sure your aware, house rendering is an excellent and cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your entire home. Its a great way for anyone who is wanting to give their home a facelift before they sell. It’s also an excellent option for renovators looking to add quick value to their home or investment property.


On the flip side to that. What if you’re looking to buy? What do you need to know and look out for when buying a rendered home.

Why Go For A Rendered Home?


Rendering a home is generally done by a professional plaster, as the process is the same as plastering, it’s just on the outside. Rendering refers to the application of covering the exterior walls with a cement render mix that is added on in a process of layers.

Rendering is one of the quickest ways to update a home while adding significant market value to the home. That’s why its a popular choice for renovators. It’s just like a facelift.

Rendering gives the house a clean stylish and fresh look and is viewed as a modern option over brick. And with the advances of modern technology rendering has come a long way, gone are the days of the classic cement render mix.

Nowadays you have acrylic rendering with the addition of adding colours to the mixes as well. With the addition of colours, you have the same finishes as you would with paint, allowing you to go for any finish and look you want.

Other than that you have other offset benefits. Rendering also acts as a waterproof agent as well as adding an extra layer of fire-resistant protection to the home giving it a better fire rating. Having said all that, that’s not why your hear.


So How Long Does Rendering Last?


That’s why you’re here so let’s get into that. Now before I give you what I feel would be an approximate answer, there will be variables. The skill of the renderer will play a factor as well as how clean the surface was when applied.

Let’s assume everything was clean and the skills of the renderer were top notch. In reality, you should get a few decades out of the render, approx 20 years. As I said there are variables to look at. Other variables would be the type of render mix that was used. If the render was done let’s say 20 years ago, the render mix might not be as good as they are nowadays, with the addition of acrylic renderers.

Any type of render can be vulnerable to cracking if water and salts are around, this is especially the case if your near water. So how long does each type of render last?

With the modern acrylic based render mixes, you can expect a lifespan of anywhere between 20 to 40 odd years. Variables would be the quality of the job and how clean the surface was before the render was applied. 

If we look at the traditional type render mixes without the acrylic and just the cement base the lifespan will be a lot shorter. This would be due to the cracking. You can expect cracking to occur from anywhere between 8 to 14 years, give or take a few years either side, again where you live will play a part in that.

Situations, where the render will have a better lifespan, would be where the base was brick with a cement mortar base. Your render will perform much better because it has a better foundation to hole on. Overall depending on your scenario, buying a house or renovation an existing home, by reading this article you should be able to get a better understanding of all the factors involved.

If you’re looking to buy a house that has already been rendered you should be able to get a fair ideal of the quality of the workmanship just by giving t a good inspection. And of course, asking how long the render has been on the house.

The benefits of a good render job will be low maintenance and will generally last for many years to come. This will also give you an idea of what to expect if you’re going down the renovation route. 

Thanks for reading this article and I hope I have answered any questions you may have. 

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