Rendered features walls can give your home a real visual experience, especially if they are done right. It required a level of skill and a balance of texture balance if your going for the textured look. They can really bring out the visual appearance of a room. 

We always look at the colours, the size of the intended feature wall, if there’s any light and where it’s coming from, and how that will affect the finish of the look. What most overlook is the texture. You can always paint a feature wall or add wallpaper, and although they can be effective, often you’re looking for more. And a textured look is a way of achieving that.

This is where a professional rendering company can come in and see things from a different angle and know what’s possible. The can offer a range of different texture finishes that can make that feature wall stand out. With rendering you can opt for a number of finishes. They include, the obvious smooth look, glossy and matte. And rendering is available in a number of colours and finishes. 

You can even go for a certain look. Mediterranean, the modern look, the industrial chic look are some of the popular interior looks. Rendering is a great way to showcase those types of looks. 

Let’s take a look at these in more detail.


Industrial chic

This is a look that came from warehouse living. It’s all the rage in the cities. It”s all about the worn, mattered and neutral look, while looking for that functionality aspect. Redesigning warehouse space into something that is not only livable but also has a certain look about it, as I said is very popular. What makes the industrial look what it is. It’s the fact they still feature the original look but using what’s already there.

It’s all about exposing what’s already there, bricks, pipes, beams is what this look is all about. This is where cement rendering comes into play. They go great together and rendering fit’s in well with the industrial chic style. We have worked on a number of warehouse jobs and achieved great results with rendering. 


When you think mediterranean, you think thick rendered walls with that terracotta look. This is where rendering works really well. Depending on what materials are used, you can create a number of textures and colours to suit the look you want. Whether your looking to render the exterior or the interior of your home, using the mediterranean look you’ll be sure to find a finish that will suit your style.


When we thin modern we think sleek and stylish smooth finishes, Luxurious also springs to mind. Most of the new modern homes are moving towards the rendered finish. It’s a way to create a unique finish to your home while not breaking the bank. With the introduction of acrylic rendering the durability is even longer and the finishes are clean and smooth. We get immense pride out of these finishes. They look stunning.

When it comes to looking at your rendering options your not restricted to only these styles. Rendering gives you the flexibility to create a finish that enhances the look of your home.

If you’re looking for a quality and professional Adelaide rendering company, give us a call. Well be happy to assist with your new rendering project.