Cement rendering has many benefits, and there’s a number of good reasons as to why you would want to render your Adelaide house, or perhaps render a section of landscape within your property. Or maybe you want to look at rendering the inside of your house. Whatever your looking at rendering, that’s what we’ll be looking at today.

If your a little unsure on what cement rendering is and why you might want to render your Adelaide property, I’ll cover all that and some in today’s article. So let’s get into it.

What Is Cement Rendering.

When it comes to cement rendering you have a couple of options. But for the purpose of this we will stick to the sand and cement render.

The process of cement rendering is a pretty simple process. It Is a mixture of sand and cement which is applied onto a solid surface. It consists of a few coats and the main reason is to improve the appearance of the house or wherever you maybe rendering. Not only does it look good it actually helps to insulate your house protecting it against ongoing weather conditions.

So to give you an idea. The rendering mix consists of 1 part cement to 6 parts sand and added to that is 1 part lime. We use lime to the mix because it helps to prevent cracking once the mix is dried. There are different additives you can add to improve adhesion.

When it comes to applying the cement render you normally have a number of coats. The first layers are usually a coarser type of sand. Not always but often. Then the last layer is the fine smooth sand that will give you the finished look.

Another great point about getting your property rendered is you can get it done in a number of different effects. These styles of effects can be done with a number of simple tools. The good old trowels, sponges and brushes. You can even use a hessian bag to give you a different effect. But most of the time we go for the clean fresh smooth look. It’s the most common request as the client is looking for a modern touch.

The Acrylic Rendering Option.

When it comes to the type of rendering you go for, often we will offer the acrylic look. It is the preferred option because of the high water resistance and it offers better strength. Funny enough it also offers a higher resistance to fungal issues.

The Acrylic render has a number of better options over the traditional cement render. They are.

You can apply it to most surfaces. And some smoother surfaces as well.

It comes with a shiny finish, If that’s what your after.

It also drys a lot quicker than other renders. It is quite quick compared to the sand cement render. It can take only two days to dry as opposed to the traditional render which can take upto a month to dry completely.

This makes it a better option if your relying on good whether conditions. So regardless the option you go for you need to make sure the weather is on your side.

With bother types of rendering you need to make sure the preparation is done correctly before starting. This could include, cleaning the surface and removing any unwanted grit. This also can take a bit of time but if done the right way will same you unwanted issues down the track. Preparation like most things is the key.

If your looking to get any some rendering done on your property. Please feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to help you out.