When it comes to finding cost-effective ways to renovate your home and give it a fresh new and modern look. The first thing that comes to mind is rendering. We’ll of course it does, that’s what I do. So in this article, I’d like to cover a bit about rendering, what it is, how it’s done and what it usually costs to hire an Adelaide rendering company to give your house a facelift. So let’s begin.

What Is Rendering

Let’s start with that. Rendering is the process of coating usually an external wall, or even a fence or retaining wall with a cement and sand mix. We do this as we have already said to improve the appearance of whatever we are rendering. Rendering is normally covered over either brick or cement walls. It has the ability to completely change the look of a rundown home, giving it a new lease on life, so to speak.

Why rendering?

At the end of the day, it comes down to the appearance your after. Often the reason you would render a building would be to modernize the look of the property, to give it a fresh new look as most of the time it’s run down with outdated features. And rendering is a great way to make something that looks average look great again. Rendering also adds some serious value to a house. If done right can add thousands to a properties worth.

We also do a lot of new homes. The render look gives the house a modern style, and I have to say they come up very well. Or often just the front section of a house will get rendered to give it a stylish look.

Other reasons to render is. Rendering insulates the house very well as well as waterproofing. Not the reasons why you would solely render the house but added benefits.


How is rendering done? What’s The Process?

Well, the process of rendering is done by a professional that has the qualification to do so. Unless you have the skill, we highly recommend hiring a professional Adelaide rendering company. At least this way you will get the job done the right way and to the highest standards possible. The work will also be guaranteed.

If you feel you have the skills to get the job done all the best to you. If you’re confident you don’t have the skills you need to do the job, feel free to reach out as we offer a free onsite quote and you might be surprised at how cost-effective a rendering job can be for your home. When you consider the value you can add to your property with rendering it can be well worth the effort.

How much does rendering cost?

Most of the time a rendering company will charge per square meter.  So depending on the size of the area you want to be rendered the cost will vary. This is something we can work out when we do an on-site quote for you and have a chat about your options and what we feel would be your best options. We are very good at what we do, we have the years and the skills to produce a great render finish. If you looking for a professional rendering company that will achieve the best results possible, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.