When it comes to giving your home a new look and giving it a modern feature or two. The best and most effective way is by rendering. Rendering has many benefits, two being the attractive factor along with the durable aspect or rendering.

In recent years acrylic rendering has been all the rage, and It’s becoming a popular choice for Adelaide property owners. Before we get into the details about acrylic rendering. If your looking to render your home but unsure on what types of render would be the best option.

Talk to a professional Adelaide rendering company. A rendering company like us. We can help to answer any question you may have regarding rendering your property. As professional Adelaide renderers, we will usually recommend acrylic rendering on most homes. Although there are always some things to consider before we do down that path. So It’s vital in our opinion to first talk to us about what you’re looking to achieve.

Having said all that. Let’s throw a little light on acrylic rendering and the processes involved. Along with the benefits, acrylic rendering can bring to the table.

What is So Great About Acrylic Rendering?

The actual acrylic render mix contains plastic. Adding this gives the render mix more strength and flexibility. This is compared to other rendering mixes that you can find on the market.

The overall benefit of using acrylic render is because it helps to prevent early crack and or damages on the rendered wall.

Another advantage with this type of render mix is it can be troweled, rolled and even sprayed onto the surface. And like all render mixes at least a couple of coast will be needed to get the full benefits of the mix.

Available in a number of different colours. The benefit of this type of render mix is you don’t need to add an extra coat of paint after the render is applied. The colour is already there.


Let’s Take A Look At The Benefits Of Acrylic Rendering.


It Allows For Natural Expansion

This is by far most likely the biggest addition to rendering over the years with the ability of the render mix to allow for expansion while on the wall. Due to a lot of ground movement and extreme temperature changes in most parts of Australia. One of the biggest issues renderers had was cracking and damage due to these conditions.

This is why acrylic rendering is becoming very popular In the Adelaide property market. The ability to allow for movement is a huge benefit.

Due to the flexibility of the render material, it expands and contracts naturally without the chances of cracking too easily. It’s a real assuring factor. Especially when you have forked out a good amount of investment cash. 

Acrylic Rendering Mixes Takes Less Time to Apply and Dry.

Another huge benefit to acrylic rendering. Time is always a factor when applying any type of render mix. So if there’s a mix that will dry quicker and the quality is of the highest, we are up for that.

This benefit flows onto the client as the costs will be lower due to the less time it takes to get the job completed.


Acrylic Rendering is Resistant to Moisture

Unlike the other types of rendering mixes, acrylic rendering comes out on top when it comes to being resistant to moisture. The render coats are breathable and create a passage for the moisture to move freely. Also, being water resistance, the fungi and bacteria are controlled better due to these conditions.

Our Conclusion.

We hope we have explained ourselves enough for you to better understand the benefits associated with using acrylic rendering. If you need a professional Adelaide rendering company to help render your house, we offer free quotes on all our work.

For a competitive quote with friendly service give us a call.